PushRadar 2 Has Just Been Launched!

Version 2 of PushRadar, a realtime notifications API service for the web has just been launched. In this blog post, I will outline the main features of the service, and show how you, as an individual web developer, or as a business, can take your websites and web apps to the next level by integrating realtime features such as instant messaging, streamed live updates and other types of dynamic content in just two lines of code!

Our mission is to help developers create realtime, scalable websites and web applications.Anthony Daly, CEO & Founder

Publishing notifications

PushRadar uses a simple publish-subscribe model, allowing you to broadcast 'notifications' on 'channels' that are subscribed to by one or more clients, who are the visitors or users of your website or web app. Notifications are pushed in realtime to those clients. You can easily broadcast notifications using one of our server libraries:

  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • .NET
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • curl
use PushRadar\PushRadar;

$radar = new PushRadar("your-secret-key");
$radar->broadcast("test-channel", array("message" => "Hello World!"));

Subscribing to channels

To receive published notifications, you can subscribe to channels client-side using JavaScript. This allows you to dynamically update the user interface or take other actions based upon the data received in realtime from your server:

  • JavaScript
<script src="//www.pushradar.com/pushradar.js"></script>
    var radar = new PushRadar("your-api-key");
    radar.subscribe.to("test-channel", function (notification) {
        alert(notification.message); // "Hello World!"
Notifications are simply data objects; you can broadcast any data from your server that can be represented using JSON, which includes strings, arrays, serialized objects, numbers etc.

Advanced targeting

PushRadar features advanced targeting options, including the ability to target clients by actions they have taken on your website or web app, geographical location (countries & continents), IP address, web browser and user ID. By combining these elements, you can accurately specify the target audience of a notification. The following example targets a notification to website visitors in the US who have not been on live chat before:

  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • .NET
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • curl
// ... $radar = new PushRadar(...);
$radar->targetCountry("US")->targetNotAction("live-chat")->broadcast("test-channel", array(
    "message" => "Would you like to talk to one of our customer support team members " .
                 "on live chat?"));

Realtime + targeting = the future

The sky's the limit when it comes to ways in which you can use PushRadar's realtime technology to enhance your website or web app. From instant messaging to updating stock charts with dynamic data, all it takes is one call to PushRadar's API to instantly broadcast the data you require.

Combine that with PushRadar's advanced targeting options, and you have systems which can display geo-targeted live ads to a segment of website visitors, or that can easily broadcast private messages on user-specific inbox channels. PushRadar is unique in its combination of cutting-edge realtime technology and target audience customization.

Our free Developer plan allows you to send 200,000 notifications per day to 100 concurrent users. Our uniquely designed infrastructure allows you to effortlessly scale to millions of concurrent users.

Get started today!

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PushRadar: Realtime Notifications API Service