PushRadar's Documentation

The latest version of PushRadar's API is v1, released August 21, 2017.

Welcome to PushRadar's documentation area. Here you will find helpful information to get you started using the PushRadar API, and code samples for all service features.

Select your preferred programming language from the list on the left (or the list above if you are on a mobile device). If you need assistance at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can view your PushRadar API credentials on the API page of your dashboard. You should keep your API secret secure and confidential on your server.

(Analytics)Your PushRadar Dashboard

After signing up to PushRadar, you will have access to your account dashboard, where you can monitor your usage, view connection statistics, and manage options such as AutoScaling (if you are on our Premium plan). You can view your dashboard at dashboard.pushradar.com

Please note that PushRadar uses the shorthand "k" and "m" to represent large numbers. "1.5k" means "1500" and "2m" means "2 million".

The following list identifies each item on your dashboard:

  • Broadcasts Today:The number of times you have successfully broadcasted a notification today.
  • Max. Connections Today:The highest number of concurrent (simultaneous) client connections that have occurred at any point today. If this value is green, you are within your maximum connections limit.
  • Notifications Today:The actual number of notifications that have been transferred today; broadcasting a notification that goes on to be received by 10 clients will result in a total of 11 notification transfers. The "Notifications" account limit relates to this value and not to the "Broadcasts Today" value.
  • Notifications Remaining:The number of notification transfers that you have remaining for the day. If you frequently see this as a low value (< 50k) you should consider upgrading your account.
  • Connection Count:The number of concurrent clients that are currently connected under your API key.
  • AutoScaling Cost TodayIf you have opted-in to AutoScaling, this will show the cost of AutoScaling for the current day. You will be billed the following day for AutoScaling usage on any given day.
  • Max. Connections (past week)This chart shows the relative max. connections statistic for each day of the past week. Hovering over a chart item reveals its true value.
  • If you see an amber bar underneath the "Today" chart item, you have reached your max. connections limit and need to consider upgrading your account, or turning on AutoScaling if you are on PushRadar Premium.